Kalitala samser nagar West Bengal

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এই ছবি টি হচ্ছে কালিতলা বহুমুখী ঘূর্ণিঝড় আশ্রয় কেন্দ্র ।এটি অবস্তিত সুন্দরবন এর সমসের নগর নামক একটি গ্রামে।

This picture is the Kalitala cyclone shelter. It is located in a village called Samser Nagar of the Sundarbans.this village location was awesome.here is a sundarban foresrt rage office this name is samsernagr forest Range.just beside this road a small river and Sundarbans forest.To reach this place form hasnabad to samsernagr Kalitla.first hasnabad to cross rive and get a car/auto Rickshaw to go Lebukhali.after that now you cross a river Dulduli Ghat a get a car/auto Rickshaw to go Samser Nagar/Kalitala .Here KaliTala If you thing to go on River to ride Nouka and see sundarbans and visit Jhinga khali Beat Tiger Reserve.

How To Go Sundarban : Hasnabad-Cross River -Get a Car/auto Rickshaw-Lebukhali-Dulduli Ghat-Get a Car/auto Rickshaw-Kalitala-Samser Nagar (Last Stoped)

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